Silver fir honey

Silver fir honey is dark greenish-brown in colour and quite dense and it doesn`t crystallize easily. It has almost no odour and has a very pleasant, mild taste. It goes especially well with brown bread, milky drinks and dried fruit. It contains a lot of minerals and “terpens” - substances that soften the mucus in people with diseases of respiratory organs. It is much appreciated with users, since it is a great remedy against cough and bronchitis.

The Silver fir tree (Abies alba Mill.) like pine tree, is paramount to Slovene apiculture. It is one of the most important bee pastures in our country and fir honey is much appreciated. The fir tree`s nectar production is quite fickle, but when it is plentiful, the fir produces more of it than any other plant. I take advantage of this pasture in fir forests on the slopes of Krim, in Dolenjske Toplice and in Javorniki at Mašun.

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