Honey in cuisine

Honey always played an important role in human nutrition, because in old times they didn`t have sugar. The Greeks and Romans made various pastries out of honey. Renowned doctors from Antiquity to Renaissance like Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus used it for treating various illneses and the Slavs used to make mead out of it, which is valued even today. Honey has ever greater role even today. It is not only used as spread on bread or as sweetener for hot tea in cold winter days, but it also has versatile use in cuisine. It is also suitable for application in cosmetics.

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Honey cosmetics

Cosmetics is very important in all cultures and even in Antiquity, honey and milk were used as beauty accessories. It is believed that many beautiful women from the past had the honey to thank for their beauty. Cleopatra, for instance, used to bathe in milk and honey every day. The cosmetics made from honey is suitable for every skin type. Honey retains moisture and its ingredients have a medicinal effect on the skin. Honey is also recommended for teenegers, as it gently cleans the skin and protects it against bacteria.

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Concoctions for wellness and pain alleviation

Medicine throughout the world has been using honey since ancient times. This is proven by a over 3000-years old Egyptian papyrus solved by George Ebers. The title of the papyrus was The book of medicine for all body parts and it describes various healing concoctions made out of honey. In pharaoh Egypt, in Greece and in ancient Rome, honey was used as a cure for internal diseases. They were also making plasters and compresses for external use out of it. The honey fumes were used for treating respiratory diseases.

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