If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, the human race would become extinct.


Beekeeping is not exactly an everyday profession or activity for young people. However, I myself was enticed to working with bees after my very first contact with them. Beekeeping therefore represents my way of life ever since 1992, when I started with two bee colonies. Today I have 500 colonies.



Honey is a valued food and remedy from old times, it is the product of bees which can be said to contain a piece of unspoiled nature, it was praised by Homer and Democritus, and Pythagoras once said: If I hadn`t eaten honey, I would have died forty years ago.

Flower honey is collected by bees from meadow flowers and other blooming plants. The colour of flower honey ranges from light yellow to yellowish-brown.

Slovenian honey

Apiroyal združuje dragocene proizvode iz bogate zakladnice čebeljega panja.


Do you need ideas for a present? Did you consider making a gift of honey or honey products?


Royal jelly is the food for developing brood and the queen and is a nature`s masterpiece.

Royal jelly

House of honey

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