Slovenian honey

Silver fir honey is dark greenish-brown in colour and quite dense and it doesn`t crystallize easily. It has almost no odour and has a very pleasant, mild taste. It goes especially well with brown bread, milky drinks and dried fruit.

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Apiroyal združuje dragocene proizvode iz bogate zakladnice čebeljega panja. Med, cvetni prah, matični mleček in propolis skupaj v idealnem razmerju. Apiroyal krepi imunski sistem, izboljšuje počutje in je kakovostno dopolnilo k vsakodnevni prehrani.

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Do you need ideas for a present? Did you consider making a gift of honey or honey products? Bee products are a part of nature and Slovene tradition and are therefore very suitable as gifts to friends or business partners.

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The ingredients of pollen are various and primarily depend on the plants from which the bees are gathering it. It contains: water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and some additional substances.

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Royal jelly

Royal jelly is the food for developing brood and the queen and is a nature`s masterpiece. It can be described as a milky white cream with sourish-bitter taste and distinctive odour.

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Propolis is the natural product of bees. It consists of various plant resins, balms, etheric oils and is enriched with the secretion of bee glands. Propolis is effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses.

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Beeswax candles

Beeswax is the substance produced in wax glands of the worker bees. The wax`s colour ranges from yellow to yellowish-brown and it has a pleasant odour which is reminiscent of honey.

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Bee colonies

Each spring I also sell some bee colonies (Apis mellifera carnica) in five-comb (Dadant Blatt) nuclei with home-bred queens. I buy mature queen cells from two distinguished queen breeders, Ivan Dremelj from Dragovšek and Avgust Bučar from Janče.

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