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About honey

Honey is a dense and crystallized foodstuff produced by bees. It is created from different sources: from flower nectar or other extracts from living plant parts or from different kinds of honeydew. The bees bring the basic material into the beehive, where they process it and add the extract from their glands, condense it and then store it in covered cells of the comb.

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Beekeepers tasks (video)

The production of royal jelly, the extraction of honey, the queen breeding…the secret life of bees…

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A bee colony presents itself

In Slovenia we foster our indigenous Carniola bee breed (Apis mellifera carnica Poll.), which lives in a community we refer to as bee colony. A colony consists of one queen (fertile female), 15.000 to 70.000 worker bees (unfertile females) and from 100 to 1000 drones (males) in swarming season.

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Bee pastures

Acacia, commonly known as the Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) is a known nectar tree of warmer climates. The time of its blooming depends mainly on how early or late the spring starts. The first blossoms could open in early days of May, but its blooming could start as late as June.

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The current discoveries regarding the role of royal jelly on development of the bee, show, that it has a highly biological role in the evolution of the colony. Among others, it lengthens the life expectancy, as the queen lives 50-times longer than a worker bee.

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