Slovenian honey

Acacia honey

Is liquid, almost transparent or slightly yellow, of mild taste and with no distinctive odour. Because of this, some refer to it as ladies honey. It is a great spread on bread and is an indispensable sweetener for tea, coffee or fruit cakes.

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Pine honey

The pine honey in its liquid state is quite dense and is reddish-brown in colour. It tastes of resin and is very rich in minerals. It goes well with milky dishes or as a spread or in different sauces.

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Forest honey

Has different shades of brown colour as it is a natural mixture of honey offered by the forest. It is especially tasty as a spread on brown bread, in curd dishes and is indispensable in sauces.

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Silver fir honey

Silver fir honey is dark greenish-brown in colour and quite dense and it doesn`t crystallize easily. It has almost no odour and has a very pleasant, mild taste. It goes especially well with brown bread, milky drinks and dried fruit.

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Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is of darker reddish-brown colour, with an odour that is akin to absinth and is more or less bitter. The bitterness comes from the grains of pollen that this kind of honey has in abundance.

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Flower honey

Is collected by bees from meadow flowers and other blooming plants. The colour of flower honey ranges from light yellow to yellowish-brown. It crystallizes sooner or later, depending on the sort of plant from which it was collected.

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Lipov med

Lipov med je v tekočem stanju rumen z zelenkastim opalnim odsevom. Diši prijetno po lipovem cvetju. Aroma je intenzivna zelo značilna po mentolu, lipovem cvetju, zeliščih ali svežih orehih. Kristalizira običajno počasi in neenakomerno, kristali so veliki.

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