Acacia honey

Is liquid, almost transparent or slightly yellow, of mild taste and with no distinctive odour. Because of this, some refer to it as ladies honey. It is a great spread on bread and is an indispensable sweetener for tea, coffee or fruit cakes. This honey is soothing and is recommended for people suffering from insomnia, troubles in the menopause or for children with bad appetite.

Acacia, commonly known as the Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) is a known nectar tree of warmer climates. The time of its blooming depends mainly on how early or late the spring starts. The first blossoms could open in early days of May, but its blooming could start as late as June. The acacia pasture is fairly reliable and abundant and in ideal weather conditions, it could even offer record yield. I take my bees to this type of pasture in Primorska and Prekmurje at Goričko.

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